Jim Easterbrook Jim Easterbrook

Welcome to my web site. This is just a bit of fun for me, with no motive beyond learning a bit of HTML and letting you know something about myself. However, some people have found some of it useful. Feel free to contact me with your comments.

My leisure interests include cycling, food & drink, astronomy and doing up my 1930s house. I've written pages about some of these, and intend to write more when time allows. I've also webmastered a few pages for my partner Sarah.

I used to work at the BBC's engineering Research & Development department. It's a fascinating place to work, with a long history of great achievements. A lot of what they do is invisible to the general public, but I did once get my name in the credits of a TV programme. More recently I've helped save the BBC's archives — I invented the world's best PAL decoder, which has been used for many of the BBC's recent DVD releases, and did a lot of work on the "reverse standards conversion" process used to recover "lost" episodes of Dr. Who from NTSC tapes.

In March 2014 I took early retirement from the BBC. I'm now a man of leisure, apart from all the work still to be done on the house and garden...

Disclaimer: these are my personal views and not those of the BBC.