Odds and ends

A collection of stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else on this site.

BBC abbreviated titles

My job is relocating soon, so we've all been busy clearing out our offices. In all the accumulated clutter (I've been there for more than 28 years) I found part of an old BBC internal telephone directory. It lists BBC job titles to be used in official correspondence, from A.A.A.A.S. (Administrative and Establishment Assistant, Asian and African Services) to X.S.M.O. (External Services Music Organiser). I've scanned it, converted it to a searchable PDF and you can get it here: BBC abbreviated titles (PDF, 610kB).

The Cortu Magnetic Bottle Opener

I've been collecting this unusual design of bottle opener for a few years now, and have finally got round to writing the world's first Cortu Magnetic Bottle Opener web page.