Other astro photos

All pictures were taken at (N51.36 W0.25) unless labeled otherwise. Click on any image to see a larger (up to 1024 pixels wide) version.

2007/10/29 21:04 GMT
Comet 17P/Holmes, during its outburst.
Canon 350d, Celestron C9¼ with Antares 0.63x focal reducer, ISO 400, 13 sec

This photo was taken in a hurry. I didn’t polar align the mount, my telescope was dewing up, and I had difficulty focusing on such a diffuse object. But after days of cloud and rain I was determined to capture something!

2007/08/13 01:10 GMT
A Perseid meteor, before processing.
Canon 350d, Olympus 50mm lens, ISO 400, 15 sec, f/1.8

Note the effect of light pollution.

2007/08/13 01:10 GMT
A Perseid meteor, after processing and cropping.
Canon 350d, Olympus 50mm lens, ISO 400, 15 sec, f/1.8

This is my first dSLR astro photo, and my first attempt at removing light pollution by processing. I used four images from around the same time to make a “pollution image” by taking the minimum value of the images at each pixel, which removed all the stars. I then subtracted this from the main image, and boosted the contrast.

2004/12/19 19:31 GMT
M45, The Pleiades.
Pentacon 200mm f/4 camera lens, Baader IR/UV filter, TS SuperView 40.
Nikon 4500, 12.2mm fl, ISO 400, f/3.0. 7 x 4 second exposures stacked with RegiStax. Brightness, contrast and gamma adjusted in Microsoft Photo Editor to make dimmer stars more visible. Slightly cropped.

2004/05/18 22:45 BST
Comet C/2001 Q4 (NEAT).
SkyLiner 200 on EQ-6, ScopeTronix 14mm Nikon adapter.
Nikon 4500, 7.8mm fl, ISO 800, 8 sec, f/2.6