Sky-Watcher EQ-6 Equatorial Mount

My EQ-6 mount was bought second hand in March 2004, at which time it was about two years old. Since getting it I’ve made several improvements: I’ve fitted a polar scope illuminator, made an extra counterweight, installed the SkyScan goto kit and replaced the dovetail clamp. (American readers should note that the EQ-6 mount is practically identical to the Orion Atlas sold in the USA.)

In 2005 the mount developed some roughness in the RA movement, almost as if there were a dent in one of the bearing tracks. I eventually plucked up the courage to overhaul the RA axis. Cleaning and re-greasing the large tapered bearing seems to have cured this roughness. I also cleaned, adjusted and lubricated the worm gear. There isn’t one definitive page of instructions for servicing the EQ-6, but here are some useful links:

  • Dec. axis problem diagnosis [EQ6 #5088]
  • Dec. axis adjustment [EQ6 #4335, last paragraph]
  • Worm gear adjustment [EQ6 #4415]
  • RA axis dismantling (pictures, but no words) [Erik Bryssinck]
  • Replacement bearing types [EQ6 #3938, #3939]

Most of these are from the “EQ6” Yahoo group; if you have an EQ6 or Atlas mount, you really should join this group.