RSS feeds

I noticed the other day that WordPress has an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed block that you can include in pages or posts. This page shows feeds from various web sites I publish stuff on, so all my updates are shown on one page!

It’s not massively useful though. For example, it would be nice if the flickr updates included a thumbnail picture.


  • I wanted to watch something good on telly this evening so I rewatched the 1st episode of Singing Detective. I really think it's probably one of the best TV dramas ever made. Every shot, every word, every camera angle, every bit of music, all perfect.
  • Just received my first LibDem leaflet with dodgy graph of the season.
  • a) Doppelzimmer Komfort, 24m², €135 p/nightb) Doppelzimmer Eisenbahnblick, 22m², €145 p/nightI think I know which one we're going for.
  • Had another go at using a scythe this morning, after reading some online "how to" guides. It cuts through weed stems OK, but my 6-9 inch long lush green grass just bends over and lets the scythe pass over it.


  • I was struck by this observation I read recently on a model train forum: You get what you pay for. If a piece of software is worth nothing to the person who wrote it, what does that say about it? I can only assume the author has little experience of using or writing open source […]
  • A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post pondering why I have a web site. At that time I had a blog on Google’s “” platform and a hand-crafted web site hosted elsewhere. My hosting company had recently increased its prices a lot, which prompted me to ask why I have a web […]



  • Jim Easterbrook has posted:I recently found these at the back of my filing cabinet. Pity I'll probably never be able to use them. (The UK government changed our car stickers to "UK" a couple of years ago, for no good reason.) "Sealink Stena Line" was the brand used by cross channel ferries from 1984. It […]
  • Jim Easterbrook has posted:A recently purchased N gauge model of Germany's first high speed train. On curved track the distance between the two cars increases and the long wheelbase bogies protrude quite noticeably.