RSS feeds

I noticed the other day that WordPress has an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed block that you can include in pages or posts. This page shows feeds from various web sites I publish stuff on, so all my updates are shown on one page!

It’s not massively useful though. For example, it would be nice if the flickr updates included a thumbnail picture.


  • The other day I was singing bits of "Radio Times" to myself when my partner overheard and thought I was singing "Mickey's Son and Daughter" (you may know the Bonzos' recording). Both songs contain the same descending phrase: "the daily times that Big Ben chimes are" and "the stork has brought a son and daughter". […]
  • I always feel a bit envious when I hear a bit of the French national anthem. Ours is such a dirge by comparison. And it's not even a national anthem, being all about the monarch.#Marseillaise #GodSaveTheKing
  • One of many attractions I missed when visiting the Dresden area 13 years ago is this #funicular #monorail. I've been on the #Wuppertal #schwebebahn but this one looks a lot more fun.
  • I wanted to watch something good on telly this evening so I rewatched the 1st episode of Singing Detective. I really think it's probably one of the best TV dramas ever made. Every shot, every word, every camera angle, every bit of music, all perfect.


  • I was struck by this observation I read recently on a model train forum: You get what you pay for. If a piece of software is worth nothing to the person who wrote it, what does that say about it? I can only assume the author has little experience of using or writing open source […]
  • A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post pondering why I have a web site. At that time I had a blog on Google’s “” platform and a hand-crafted web site hosted elsewhere. My hosting company had recently increased its prices a lot, which prompted me to ask why I have a web […]