A weekend in the garden

Here goes – my first ever blog. Probably a waste of time, but you’ll never know unless you try it.

Last week’s cold and wet spell ended on Friday, and S was back at work on Saturday, so I had no excuse for not getting out into the garden. I’m a complete beginner at gardening, but having had a house with a garden for a few years it’s time I made something of it. I’m more interested in growing stuff to eat than pretty flowers, so have sown some easy to grow veg (radishes, lettuces, French beans, courgettes) for the first time this year.

This weekend I cut back brambles growing where I don’t want them, tied up the brambles growing where I do want them (I’m trying out the idea of growing blackberries along wires, and not allowing them to spread everywhere), and thinned out some of the lettuce seedlings. I also mowed the lawn for the first time in ages.

Found some fresh cat shit in the veg bed. Fox poo I can cope with – it’s unpleasant but you can’t control a wild animal. Cats have owners, and they should take responsibility for their animals and train them to crap in their own gardens.

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