Shaun the Sheep

I’m a huge fan of the Aardman Animation children’s TV series “Shaun the Sheep”. Although it’s nominally a children’s programme there is a lot in it for adults as well. I particularly like the references to things that not many children would be aware of. Here are a few that I’ve spotted. I’ll add more when I find them.

All images ©Aardman / BBC / WDR.

“Supersize Timmy” (S2, E09)

This episode borrows a lot from “King Kong”.

“Let’s Spray” (S3, E05)

Timmy’s graffiti looks like a “Banksy” to me. (Note – this episode is not broadcast in the UK as it might encourage vandalism. The still is from German TV.)

“Hard To Swallow” (S3, E08)

A birdwatcher points his binoculars at a pair of crows. One of them turns and grins in a way that reminds me of Eric Morecambe.

“Missing Piece” (S4, E14)

The jigsaw is a bit like Constable’s “The Hay Wain”.  Or maybe not. Please yourselves.

“Turf Wars” (S5, E11)

This episode climaxes with a lovely homage to Eisenstein’s “Battleship Potemkin”.

“Happy Farmers’ Day” (S5, E16)

The sheep cook a meal for the farmer, but various mishaps delay the dessert. Bitzer provides some entertainment, perhaps inspired by Manuel and Polly in “Fawlty Towers”.


“Visitor” (S1, E24)

Another “Fawlty Towers” reference can be seen when an alien crashes his spaceship on the farm. After giving it a good talking to he fetches a branch and starts beating it.

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