The shed – part 2

The weather over the last few days has been almost as bad as it could be for garden works. Cold, windy, rain and now snow.

After digging out the very soft soil mentioned in my last post, I’ve reached a heavier more clayey layer. (But not yet down to the solid yellow clay I found when putting in some fence posts last year.) Overnight rain turned one corner of the hole into a puddle, with very soft and squidgy ground below.

Yesterday I barrowed most of the 850kg bag of sub base aggregate from next to the house (where the lorry crane dropped the bag) to the hole at the far end of the garden. Having spread it out, roughly levelled it out and tamped it down a little, most of the area now has a firm surface I’ll be happy to start laying the slabs on. However, the muddy corner is still very wobbly. The sub-base has yet to make much improvement. I hope that if it dries out a little over the next day or two I’ll be able to compact it properly and make it firm.

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