The shed – part 4

At last, the shed is finished. I wasn’t sure if I should put it up on Friday or Saturday – I looked at several different weather forecasts, some said rain on Friday, some said rain on Saturday. Then Sarah got a short notice singing job on Saturday, so that decided it. We spent a very … Read more

The shed – part 3

At long last, I’m ready to start putting up the shed. First I laid a sloping path along the side of the shed, using 450mm square slabs, and a raised path along the back, using 440mm x 220mm concrete blocks. Then I laid 12 “pads” to support the shed, using half slabs, bricks or blocks … Read more

The shed – part 2

The weather over the last few days has been almost as bad as it could be for garden works. Cold, windy, rain and now snow. After digging out the very soft soil mentioned in my last post, I’ve reached a heavier more clayey layer. (But not yet down to the solid yellow clay I found … Read more

The shed – part 1

I’m taking some time off work to put up a garden shed. It arrived on Monday, but as I’m nowhere near ready to assemble it the panels are stacked up on my back lawn, with a tarpaulin to protect them from the inevitable rain. After a lot of deliberation, and several changes of mind, I’ve … Read more