My blog has moved!

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post pondering why I have a web site. At that time I had a blog on Google’s “” platform and a hand-crafted web site hosted elsewhere. My hosting company had recently increased its prices a lot, which prompted me to ask why I have a web … Read more


Welcome to my web site. This started out in the 1990s as hand crafted HTML uploaded to web space provided by whichever ISP (internet service provider) I was using at the time. After changing ISP a couple of times (with consequent changes of web site URL and email address) I got my own domain, … Read more

Why have I got a web site?

You might already know that I have my own web site It’s a modest affair and I don’t update it very often – the last change to the main page was in November 2015. Recently my web hosting provider withdrew the “lite” package I was using and migrated me to another package, at more … Read more

Does no one read what they write any more?

A colleague has drawn my attention to this news story from the BBC. The story is interesting in its own right, but I was struck by the phrase “A BBC journalist and an actor posing as fake academic were invited …”. I can’t help feeling they’d have done better if they had posed as real … Read more