Amateurs do it for love

I was struck by this observation I read recently on a model train forum: You get what you pay for. If a piece of software is worth nothing to the person who wrote it, what does that say about it? I can only assume the author has little experience of using or writing open source … Read more

RSS feeds

I noticed the other day that WordPress has an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed block that you can include in pages or posts. This page shows feeds from various web sites I publish stuff on, so all my updates are shown on one page! It’s not massively useful though. For example, it would be nice … Read more

My blog has moved!

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post pondering why I have a web site. At that time I had a blog on Google’s “” platform and a hand-crafted web site hosted elsewhere. My hosting company had recently increased its prices a lot, which prompted me to ask why I have a web … Read more

SWIG, Python and opaque structs

One of my open source projects is python-gphoto2, a Python interface to the popular libgphoto2 digital camera software library. It uses SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator) to generate the Python bindings from the library’s “header files”, saving me the trouble of hand crafting a Python interface to every C function in the library. SWIG … Read more

Google vs. Nokia

Well, not exactly. I’m writing a program that embeds a Google map in a Qt graphical user interface (GUI). Google maps is provided by Google (duh!) and Qt is a GUI framework from Nokia. And the two are not playing nicely. The problem is that you can’t use the mouse to drag the map, or … Read more

Photini – what’s in a name?

In my last post here I wrote about my decision to start writing a digital photograph metadata (i.e. EXIF, IPTC, XMP) editor, having failed to find one I like that runs on Linux. The good news is that I’ve made good progress and it’s now pretty much ready for public consumption, although it desperately needs … Read more