Hungarian sour cherry soup revisited

Five years ago I wrote about my first attempt to make Hungarian sour cherry soup. My recipe has evolved a little since then, so I thought it might be useful to record the current version. Serves 2.

Sussex pond pudding

Last weekend I made a Sussex pond pudding and, as I occasionally do, I posted a picture of it on Facebook. The ensuing discussion included both a request for my recipe and a link to a recent Guardian article “the perfect… Sussex pond pudding”. Here’s my recipe, fleshed out with a few pictures. I’ve taken … Read more

Hungarian sour cherry soup

I have a Morello sour cherry tree in my front garden that, most years, produces more fruit than I know what to do with. This year I asked online for ideas to use the surplus and someone suggested sour cherry soup, a Hungarian speciality. I searched for recipes on line and found a huge variety … Read more

Lemon sorbet

Some time ago a friend quoted the old saying about when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I replied that I make sorbet. She said that wouldn’t do for her as she’s allergic to eggs. I mentioned that I don’t use egg in my sorbet and she asked for the recipe. Having typed it up … Read more

The joy of oxtail

Last weekend I cooked an oxtail stew that’s keeping me going through the week. I’ve had 5 servings from it so far, but now there’s no meat left, just a damn good stock which should make a good soup tomorrow if I throw in plenty of pasta. I used a Daube recipe from Hugh F-W’s … Read more