Limiting the power output of a bicycle dynamo

Introduction In this article I shall attempt to explain, in simple terms, how a dynamo’s output varies with the speed of the bicycle, and how this variation can be limited to prevent blowing bulbs. If you find anything that is incomprehensible, or just plain wrong, please let me know. My electrical machines theory is more … Read more

Back on the bike

A few years ago I used to cycle to work almost every day. Then I moved house, which made the cycle journey longer but shortened the car journey, had some surgery, which stopped me doing anything physical for a while, and got lazy. The cycle commuting pretty well stopped. Earlier this week I received my … Read more

Jim’s cycling page

My bikes I have two bikes at present, a Dawes “Mean Street” and a commuter I built around a Chas Roberts custom frame. The former is just an off the peg machine, apart from the normal changes to saddle, pedals and tyres. The latter is a little more unusual. It has a Sachs 7 speed … Read more