Digital photograph vignetting revisited

A few years ago I wrote about some experiments I’d done with measuring and correcting vignetting in digital photographs. (Some cameras have such correction built in, called “peripheral illumination correction” or similar.) I recently purchased a second-hand 10-18 mm wide angle lens for my DSLR. Measuring its vignetting using my previous method is difficult as … Read more

Samyang 500mm ƒ/6.3 DX mirror lens

Long focal length lenses for SLR cameras are mostly one of two types – refractors (true lenses) or “mirror” lenses (actually Cassegrain telescopes). Large aperture long lenses are big, heavy, and expensive, but they can perform really well. Mirror lenses are much smaller, lighter, and usually a lot cheaper. However they are fixed aperture, usually … Read more

21st Century Photosniper — improved shutter release

In a previous post (21st Century Photosniper) I described various additions I made to a “Stedi Stock” shoulder brace camera mount. These include a remote shutter release cable to allow the camera to be operated while holding the shoulder brace by its handle. The commercial cable release I used contains a single switch, so there … Read more

21st Century Photosniper

I bought my first “proper” camera, a Zenith E, in the late 1970s. At that time I would gaze enviously at adverts for the KMZ Photosniper outfit, a long lensed SLR mounted on a rifle-like shoulder brace. Photograph ©Patrick Stacey I recently happened across the Stedi Stock shoulder brace, designed for use with cameras, telescopes … Read more

Correcting vignetting in digital photographs — introduction

I recently purchased a budget telephoto lens for my Canon EOS 100D DSLR camera. It’s a 500mm f/6.3 mirror lens, essentially a small Cassegrain telescope. Like many budget lenses it suffers from “vignetting”, i.e. the edges of a photograph are darker than the centre. The EOS 100D camera has built in vignette correction (called peripheral … Read more