The shed – part 3

At long last, I’m ready to start putting up the shed. First I laid a sloping path along the side of the shed, using 450mm square slabs, and a raised path along the back, using 440mm x 220mm concrete blocks. Then I laid 12 “pads” to support the shed, using half slabs, bricks or blocks as required to get the right height. Getting these correctly positioned and level was not easy!

Finally I put in some blocks at the left to contain the soil under the compost bins and concreted the gap between the path and the fence. I don’t want anything growing here. I filled the gap between the blocks and the back fence with the rest of the “granular sub base” material. I may put proper slabs over this later.

The photograph shows the finished work, just before I back filled with some of the previously excavated soil.

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