What I did on my holiday, part 3

Our hotel was almost deserted on Monday morning, in stark contrast to the previous day. We checked out nice and early and went into Bouillon for a bit of shopping. The only supermarket in town is a branch of colruyt. I don’t know the pecking order of Belgian supermarkets, but colruyt appears to be at … Read more

What I did on my holiday, part 2

On Sunday we visited the Orval abbey ruins. My main interest in Orval is, of course, the beer brewed there. After many years of serious beer drinking I’ve decided it’s my favourite, as long as it’s been maturing in the bottle for a year or more. The brewery (and cheese factory) are part of the … Read more

What I did on my holiday, part 1

Sarah & I have recently returned from a brief trip to Belgium, staying three nights in Bouillon and one in Ittre. We had an enjoyable long weekend, with good food and drink, good weather and some interesting sightseeing. We left home soon after 8 am on Friday, 3rd April and arrived at the channel tunnel … Read more