Upgrading my Raspberry Pi software

In a previous blog post (My first Raspberry Pi – day 3) I described how I’d set up my Raspberry Pi to boot from an external hard disc drive. In that setup I created a “spare” partition to allow easy migration to a new operating system. Now, 2½ years later, it’s time to find out … Read more

My first Raspberry Pi – day 3

External disc drive setup I need to attach a decent size disc drive to my Pi to store radio recordings from my PVR. It will also allow me to create files, and use swap space, without worrying about wearing out the SD card. Given that I’m using a disc drive, it makes sense to put … Read more

My first Raspberry Pi – day 2

Reminder: this is not a tutorial on how to set up a Raspberry Pi. I’ll be going a long way “off piste” compared to the usual way of doing things. This illustrates how flexible and customisable Linux can be, but when I get into difficulty there’s no support to help solve problems. Memory usage I … Read more

My first Raspberry Pi – day 1

I’m a bit late to jump on the bandwagon, but I’ve finally got round to buying myself a Raspberry Pi bare bones computer. There are many web pages out there with good tutorials on how to set up a Pi. This is not one of them. It’s just a brief account of what I’ve done … Read more